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Selections from "Lyric Expressions" performed by Elizabeth Zawadowski.

I am very grateful to the talented pianist Elizabeth Zawadowski for her lyrical and thoughtful performance of these works from my first folio published by The FJH Music Co. This book was a joy to write as I explored simplicity of form and a world of lyrical harmonies and melodies that could have only been written for the piano. As I listen to "Song for Elise" and "Autumn Song" and the entire collection decades later I do not think I could write in this style in such a fluent and personal way. This was a beautiful time in my life as I so much enjoyed sharing my ideas as a composer for the first time knowing that others would soon be experiencing the abstract thought that would now have layers of editors, artists, engravers, and the new world of marketing added to the quiet world of sound that was now gone forever.

Thank you, Elizabeth for helping me to return to so many of the special memories of my past as I listened to your beautiful performances of these works.



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