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Caged Women In Purgatory Caged - Le Prede Umane (1992 Uncut) elbyrea




the film, Mari Winsor, a beautiful young American tourist, goes on vacation to a remote South American country. After being arrested by a corrupt cop and subsequently detained by the regime, she is rescued by her uncle, Jack Doyle, a wealthy scoundrel who is also a high-ranking government official, and his attractive Brazilian companion, Ana. Ana wants to return to the United States, and Jack, who is to be deported, agrees. The US Embassy informs them that Janet's father, an American diplomat, has died and left Janet a substantial estate. At the US Embassy, Jack is informed of his new status, and his mistress is told that she is now a legal wife and that he is to take her back to the United States. Jack is disturbed by his new status, especially the fact that he is no longer a "pusher", but he has a job lined up. The film ends with Janet and Ana's sailboat, the Pretty Please, about to set sail, leaving Jack, Ana, and a small crowd of friends and relatives waving goodbye. Cast Linda Christian as Janet Cooper Charles Bickford as Jack Doyle Kim Hunter as Ana Neil Hamilton as Robert 'Bob' Manners Michael Rennie as Beasley Mari Winsor as Lucy James Seay as General Walter Sande as Mike Philip Ober as Mr. Manners Russell Johnson as Assistant US Consul Ernest Truex as Consul José Fernández as Policeman Production Two of the key players in the film, Linda Christian and Kim Hunter, had their first screen roles. The then-17-year-old Hunter, who had taken some acting lessons, played the role of Ana, while Linda Christian played the part of Janet Cooper. The movie is said to be an homage to the Hollywood films from the '30s and '40s, for example, The Bride Wore Red (1937) and Roman Holiday (1953). Reception Cinema critic Howard Thompson, writing for The New York Times, said of the film: "All things considered, 'Pushing Up the Sky' is an attractive but sluggish picture about the hijinks of an innocent girl who gets herself arrested in a South American dictatorship and is rescued by a man who has connections and by a beautiful and sophisticated woman, to boot." References External links Category:1962 films Category:1960s adventure films Category




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Caged Women In Purgatory Caged - Le Prede Umane (1992 Uncut) elbyrea

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