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"Succeeding at the Piano" - A  Piano Method for Everyone

I have been so honored to have been chosen for the opportunity to be a contributing composer for the new piano method, "Succeeding at the Piano" and the "AIO "Approach to Succeeding at the Piano by my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Helen Marlais. I have also been so very fortunate to be involved in the new and outstanding "In Recital "series and the "Energize Your Fingers Every Day" series that has been a joy to contribute to over the past seven years. The opportunity to contribute to these outstanding publications would not of been possible without the support of  my inspiration as a composer, Mr. Frank J. Hackinson. This unique collaboration has led to one of the most outstanding pedagogical libraries in recent times and it has been an absolute joy to work with such talented colleagues with these very special endeavors.

Please use the link below to explore the outstanding method that will eventually become the most successful piano method of the Twenty First Century.

Mi Won Brown performing "Nocturne" by Timothy Brown from Succeeding at the Piano by Dr. Helen Marlais.

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