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Solo Works for Piano









The piano has always been the center of my universe as a composer. I constantly strive for uniqueness and beauty in some form as I write. Music that takes into consideration our heritage as pianists with a concentration on "tone" and "artistic expression" that helps the pianist to become a worthy companion to the endless possibilities that the piano provides.


Below, you will find my personal listing of my publications through the FJH Music  Co. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have always supported music stores throughout my career and I would personally be appreciative if you would consider supporting my music at this level as well. Many music retailers are no longer operating due to the ease of internet sales, I find this lost connection with our past quite sad and I feel that there can never be a replacement at such a special level once we have lost this special connection with our past.






    This listing below includes my publications for piano solo that have been some of my most loved compositions for the piano for a number of years. Nearly all of these pieces represent literature that is my most frequently performed works. Nearly all of these pieces are either current or past Federation of American Music Club selections and have proven both to be student and teacher favorites as well as my most well-received pedagogical literature. 








Solo Works  Intermediate/late intermediate/Early Advanced

Russian Prelude-W9164

Snow Dance-W9210

Dance of the Wind-W9368 



Crimson Rhapsody-W9046


Barn Dance- FF1555

Meditation in the Rain-FF1463

Tango Romantico-FF1557

Farewell to Ireland-W9073

In the Night-W9311

Eleegie (digital download) MPP 7000

Andalusian Nights-FJH2172




Valse Caprice-W9093

Dance Masquerade-FF1556

The Emerald Sea-W9115

Cassandra's Harp-W9295

Sonatine (Les Pivoines) -W9281

Grand Waltz in Ab Major-W9414

Serenade -W9047

The Arkansas Dancer- W9316

City Lights- W9404

Danza Espanola- W9184

Just Believe- W9403

Melody Cantabile- W9005

Romantic Promenade- W9038

Russian Soldier's Story- W9019

Scherzino- W9116

Shades of Blue- W9004

Souvenir of Old Vienna- W9021

The Wild West- W9003

An American Sonatina- W9406

Andalusian Rhapsody- W9177

Aragonesa- W9262

Mardi Gras- W9386

On Wings of Sound- W9037

Shadows of Autumn-W9226

Soaring on Eagle's Wings- W9332

Toccatina- W9065


Late Elementary/Early Intermediate


                                                                                                                                             By the Brook- W9162

The Clock Sonatina- W9099

Cloud Gazing- W9343

The Evening Star- W9001

Jumping the Hurdles- W9145

Legend- W9020

My Time Machine- W9172

Mystic Prelude- W9090

Once Upon a Time- W9002

An American Tapestry-FF1554

Pagodas- W9160

Souvenir of Paris- W9346

Sun Chaser- W9111

Watch Out for the Witch's Cat- W9027

Petite Sonatina- W9296

Pumpkin Dance-W9174

Sky Sonatina- W9319

Starlight Waltz- W9173




The Blue Dolphin- W9344

Moonlight Serenade-FJH2291

Hoppy Toad Hop- W9211

The Sparrow's Song-FF1433

Little Red Robin- W9225

Tropical Breezes- W9028

Wind Through the Trees- W9056

The Wishing Star- W9432

Bluebird at my Window- W9270

High in the Pine- W9249

Music is Everywhere- W9331

My Little Chiminea- W9405

Rainbow Song- WW9110

Starlings- W9434

A Car Came a Fiddling-FF1552

The Sun Comes Up- W9338

Sunshine Suite- W9143

Tabby in the Tree- W9171

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear- W9228

Three Little Kittens- W9260


The following books represent a wealth of pedagogical literature written at many different levels for the young pianist. These types of collections allow me to give a unique opportunity to both teachers and students to experience my work in a very personal setting. From my "Danses Gitanos" to my "Silhouettes for Piano," these folios provide an opportunity to look "in depth" at my writing and will hopefully lead and inspire the young pianist to explore the wealth of literature from so many composers for the piano from the past. A path to such composers as Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, and Chopin, and Villa Lobos, and Gershwin can all be found intermingled throughout many of these artistic publications with a pedagogical approach always inherent in some form.





Twelve Preludes W2249

Ten Lyric Preludes FJH2316

The Winter Collection FJH2312

From Far Away Places FJH1254

Can You Imagine, book one -FJH1194

Can You Imagine, book two-FJH1223

Silhouettes for Piano FJH1279

The Little Butterfly Garden FJH1709

The Butterfly Garden- FJH1235

Memories of Christmas- FJH1193

The Wedding Collection- FJH2098

  Suite Espanola- (Harpsichord) -JH1001

"New Etudes" (book one)- FJH2301 (Elementary)

"New Etudes" (book two)- FJH2302 (Late Elementary)

"New Etudes" (book three)- FJH2303 (Early Intermediate)

"New Etudes" (book four)- FJH2304 (Intermediate to late Intermediate)

  "In Style" book one - FJH1689 "The Music of the British Isles"

"In Style" book two- FJH1689 "The Music of the Romantic Period"

"In Style" book three - FJH1689 "Spanish inspired music" Danses Gitanos"

"In Style" book four - FJH1689 "Contemporary influenced


Bravissimo! book one-FJH2089 (Elementary)

Bravissimo! book two-FJH2131 (Late Elementary)

Bravissimo! book three-FJH2185 (Early Intermediate)

Bravissimo! book four-FJH2186 (Intermediate)


"The Best of Timothy Brown" book one-FJH1304

"The Best of Timothy Brown" book two- FJH1305


"Contemporary Collage", Music of the 21st Century, book one-FJH1020

"Contemporary Collage", Music of the 21st Century, book two-FJH1024

"Contemporary Collage", Music of the 21st Century, book three-FJH1026



                                                      You are listening to Dr. Helen Marlais performing my Daydreaming from the Festival Collection (book four)

                                                                                                    published by The FJH Music Company, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


















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