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My thoughts as a composer

Hello Friends, Through the years of my travels and research as a composer, I have made a number of fascinating discoveries from my study of composers and pianists and pedagogical aspects in general . I wanted to share some of the interesting "discoveries" of my readings about my favorite composers and also pedagogical references that I feel would be of an interest to teachers in general.

As I begin each new composition, I spend much time studying scores, composers, and literature related to my new work, hopefully my thoughts will lead you to many fascinating discoveries that will enhance your teaching and also your understanding of my music.

My music is eclectic as my life has been. My childhood, growing up as a son of a steelworker in Middletown, Ohio, begins my journey through life as I constantly struggle to develop a "unique voice" as an American composer. My travels, many failures, and special moments as a composer will be documented on this blog of my new website as a "memoir" of my journey as a composer. Introducing new works, discussing pedagogical aspects of the piano, and just adding a personal touch to my work as a composer will hopefully help the reader to better understand and interpret my music in a broader and more personal way.

My first post will include information about the wonderful pianist and editor of a number of well known Chopin editions, Rafael Joseffy. This will be my first article that will be directed to teachers and anyone with a natural interest in the music of Chopin. Not information, just my personal perspective through the eyes of a composer.

Timothy Brown, Shigeru Kawai Artist

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