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"At Winter's Edge" composed by Timothy Brown

"Contemporary Nouveau Ballet"

Timothy Brown

World Premiere May 13, 2015

The new Ballet, "At Winter's Edge" World Premiere was presented recently by the" balletfoundation for the XXI century" at the Courtyard Theater in Plano, Texas. Libretto: Norma Shields, Choreography: Leia Hardiman, Music: Timothy Brown (ASCAP). Ryan Fraley,music producer.


c. 2015

A Note from the Librettist,

While holding the beautiful score of “At Winter’s Edge” in my hands

and listening over and over to the complicated passages, my mind kept

floating back to my Mother’s recent death. I felt fragmented in life and

within the music I could hear all the fractals, fears, flurries, and yet hope

that I was feeling. I seemed to be moving backward through a funnel of

time and it was there that I discovered “the edge”.

“Edges” are often thought of as frightening, dangerous and crumbling.

But it is also “at the edge” that we realize the need to hold on tightly,

to trust, to think, and to step with caution. Inside our ballet we present this


... and the day of death better than the day of birth.”

Ecclesiastes 7:1

With death, we can learn wisdom.

We learn true value when we face death.

And thus the story of Miquel and Marcellita was born. The story works backward

from Miquel’s death to his birth. I find it so fitting on Mother’s Day that

it was with his Mother’s prayer that it all began...You will see the edges of his lifetime,

the fractals of life as two became one ,and the flurries of life’s snow falls and blizzards.

Look for how the “True Vine” is woven into our work and the cardinals bring the bright

and cheerful flutters of “hope” that are throughout every dreary moment. My favorite passage

is the blizzard where each dancer finds the “calm at the eye of the storm” and moves outward

in the peace that can only be found with Jesus.

I thank you Timothy, for your beautiful music and to Leia for the light in your

eyes that special morning and the incredible creativity of your choreography

so that our story could come to life today on this stage. Special appreciation also

to Carly Lord and Jon Holman, for technically bringing your artistry to the performance

as well with light and sound design. As well as special thanks to all those who volunteered

their time and expertise to make this performance possible.

Norma Shields

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