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MusiQuest 2017, Pune, India

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

My time as an adjudicator for the National Piano Competition in India (MusiQuest 2017) has been a very special opportunity to make many new friends both from India and the visiting United States jury members. As I listened to so many of the performances over the last week of judging, I was reminded of the "universal language" that we all share, the language of music. The joy of listening to a number of living American composer's works being performed over the last week was both overwhelming to me at times and also reassuring that art never really ceases to evolve.

America has indeed enriched the world with its so many talented performers and composers. I feel India will be the next step to this continuing legacy. The Indian culture is both rich with long-standing tradition and natural beauty. The people are extremely warm and generous and the combination of such rich and varied cultures creates a unique beauty that could only be found in this magical country called India. Each day in this beautiful country truly represents a tapestry of both beauty and uniqueness.

Thank you, Roxana Anklesaria-Doctor for your contribution to the world of music. You are indeed making a profound impact on the world of music with your talents and gifts on so many levels.

Roxana Anklesaria and I after our performance of Valse Triste, (Piano, four hands)

Timothy Brown, Shigeru Kawai Artist

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