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Timothy Brown Workshops, Concerts, and Master Classes

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Timothy Brown is one of the most popular and widely performed composers for the piano of his generation. He has been influenced greatly by the Italian composer Ennio Morricone, and Timothy’s music is noted for its “immediate emotional impact” and its roots in the neo-romantic style of music composition. He has embedded traditional formal structural elements in his wide array of compositions which includes orchestral, ballet, choral, chamber works, and over three hundred publications written specifically for the piano for “pedagogical purposes.”

He was born in Middletown, Ohio and his early piano and music theory studies were with Rebecca Shoup Willhide. His undergraduate studies were at Bowling Green State University, and he later received his master’s degree from the University of North Texas where he studied piano with Adam Wodnicki and music composition with Newel Kay Brown. Later he was a recipient of a research fellowship from the Royal Holloway, University of London, where he pursued his post-graduate studies in music composition and orchestration with the English composer, Brian Lock. He later continued his research at the well-known Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Foundation in Rome, Italy.

Timothy was awarded the first prize at the (2000) Alienor International Harpsichord Composition Competition (Centaur records). His world premieres have included commissions by The Daniel Pearl Music Foundation, The Music Teachers National Association Collaborative Composer Commission (2015), The Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education, and The Carter Albrecht Foundation. Through an artistic partnership with “the balletfoundation for the XXI Century” he received five commissions for contemporary works for dance including the staging of “three contemporary ballets” including “The Happy Prince” which is based on the writings of Oscar Wilde. His music has been showcased at numerous venues throughout North America and Europe including the Mozarthaus Vienna, Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City, the “Library of Congress Concert Series” in Washington D.C, the Spoleto Music Festival, and the Chapman University Symphony and Chorus. His most recent new Piano Concerto (2016), “The Classical Concerto for Piano and Orchestra” is written in the style of Prokofiev’s first symphony, Op. 25, “The Classical Symphony,” and was recently premiered by the Korean Concert Pianist, Hwa Jung Lee in the Dallas area. Timothy Brown is an exclusive composer/clinician for The FJH Music Company Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (ASCAP).

" The Shigeru Kawai is Timothy Brown's piano of choice"

The Magical World of Ensemble Music, The Anatomy of “Ensemble Music for the Piano” From The Classical Period to The Present. This session includes some of Timothy Brown's most popular piano ensemble works and explores the inner workings of ensemble music while discussing the music of Brahms and other masters as the beginnings of today’s understanding of form, structure, and harmony frequently used in modern ensemble literature for the piano. (Goggle slides presentation)

Composer Showcase, Join Timothy Brown as he performs and discusses his literature for solo piano. All levels of his literature are included during this presentation including many of his "time tested" and most loved pedagogical works for the piano. Mr.Brown will discuss teaching techniques and the importance of beautiful "tone" from both a personal and historical perspective. (May be presented with or without a Goggle slides presentation)

On the Path to "Succeeding at the Piano" Timothy Brown will explore two new paths for developing “artistry” at the piano. The session will include a wide variety of new and motivational music and explain the basic building blocks of technique as found in the new and exciting piano method, Succeeding at the Piano 2nd Edition (A Method for Everyone) and the All-In-One Approach to Succeeding at the Piano. (May be presented with or without a Goggle slides presentation)

Teaching Music Composition to students of all ages Timothy Brown will discuss extensions that can be used with traditional literature that will inspire your students to explore creative expression at the piano. Improvisation, ensemble activities, and many other early music composition tools using the piano will be discussed to add a new dimension to your teaching for students of all ages.(May be presented with or without a Goggle slides presentation)

"Pedagogical literature has touched this young generation of American musicians in more ways than any other genre of modern music. It is a living and breathing form of art that “ sings and dances” in the hearts of countless children. Pedagogical writing has become a true “ reflection of our culture”and in turn has evolved into a form of contemporary art within itself ." -Timothy Brown-

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