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"Catherine's Violin"

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

This work was one of two works commissioned by the Carter Albrecht Foundation a number of years ago. It was originally written as a work for chamber orchestra and was not the work finally chosen for the commission. I never really felt that it worked as a piano solo so it sat for years with no real direction. As I was finishing the final folio to a piano collection, at the last minute I decided to revisit the work and rewrite it as a piano solo. It has now become one of my most performed works for the piano yet I still think of it in its original form when I hear the main theme.

Catherine Leonard, a gifted Irish Violinist, was a dear friend to Carter during their studies at SMU.She added a touching final chapter to their friendship when she arrived at his memorial service with her magnificent violin. A beautiful story that needed the magic of music when words are just not enough.

A very special performance of this work published by the FJH Music Co. in the 4th book of the Bravissimo Series

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