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New Music and Commissions

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Commissioned Choral and Orchestral work by the Daniel Pearl Foundation pictured above.The "World Premeire" was performed in Los Angeles,California

Commissioning a new work is always a unique experience with many twists and turns along the way.Concert works can become quite an amount of work and it is usually best if the commissioning body has a performing group in mind before the writing begins,Large works for stage nearly always involve my copyist that is always a vital part of the process.Performance scores need to be clean and precise. Many times the conductor only has one or two rehearsals before the performance and there is no room for revisions.

My "Classical Concerto for Piano and Strings" world premiere which was commissioned and performed by Hwa Jung Lee.

I do many commissions for works including the Piano. Chamber works, Choral works, Piano Concertos, and Solo and Ensemble Works. Piano works are always in demand with pianists and piano teachers that would like to give their teaching and students a unique gift. Many of my commissioned piano works are published by my publishing company,

My time-frame is very flexible and some commissioned works can be finished quite quickly, while other larger works can take a number of months to complete.I always make an effort to get to know the commissioning body or individual personally and to make sure that their vision is something that is reflected in the final work.

Timothy Brown, composer, shigeru artist


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