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"Babi Yar" Sonata for piano in three movements ~ Timothy Brown, composer

A new American Piano Sonata receives World Premiere

From Dallas based concert pianist Hwa Jung Lee

The recent world premiere of the work “Babi Yar” A Sonata for piano in three movements was performed by the concert pianist, Hwa Jung Lee with the composer, Timothy Brown in attendance in a private performance recently at the pianist’s home in the DFW area. The work was written In honor of "International Holocaust Remembrance Day" on January 27th, 2021. This concert work for solo piano was written in remembrance of the victims of the Babi Yar Massacre. The massacre was the largest mass killing under the auspices of the Nazi regime and its collaborators during its campaign against the Soviet Union and has been called "the largest single massacre" in the history of the Holocaust to that particular date during World War II.

Movement I -Religiosamento, Movement II -Andante assai, Movement III

Allegro energico - Total performance time (19’37”) In dedication to Helen Lee.

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