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Special Moments

I am a student of Peggy Gallagher. She introduced me to your music a couple of years ago. I am a great fan of most of your composed music. I am a Late Intermediate, Early Advanced Student. I was wondering if you have recordings of this music, Snow Dance and your latest New Etudes Book 4. On another note, I wanted to tell you how much I connect to your music. It seems to lift my spirits and I find myself practicing more, and improving my technique. Recently, my handicapped brother passed away. I was very close to him. During the initial grieving period I stopped playing and taking lessons. I was really having a very hard time coming to grips with his death. Finally, I said to myself, what is going to help make you with this grieving process? I called Peggy, had her order some of your latest music and sat down and played. I cried, but I played and felt tremendously uplifted. Your music has that connection for me, and for this I wanted to personally thank you. Tim you have a beautiful gift. I am so happy that Peggy introduced me to your music. She is a great teacher BTW.

Sincerely, Patrick Q

Dear Patrick, How fortunate we are to have the gift of music in both of our lives. Music has also been a constant in my life at many beautiful and dark moments as well. I'm happy to hear that my work has helped you through this difficult time, music always needs to have a purpose that goes beyond the moments involved in the performance of each work. It needs to lift the human heart to heights which cannot otherwise be found in our day to day activities. Brahms struggled constantly with his lack of orchestration skills and always felt the need to arise beyond his humble beginnings. The first real moment that he realized that he had indeed become the composer that the Schumanns' predicted was much later in his life when he attended the first performance of his "German Requiem" accompanied by his Father, Johann Jakob. I am honored that you have found solace and a personal connection in my writing. Your letter was eloquent and a joy to read. The New Etudes folio has not been available long enough to have recordings. Here is a recording that includes "Snow Dance" at 3:19.

Warm Wishes and Happy Holidays,


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