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"As Light Descending" String Quartet

The string quartet "As Light Descending" (2002) represents a technique of elongating melodic materials by repetition, an opportunity to bring simplicity to the music that allows the listener to absorb the sound in a personal and direct way without the predictable contrasting sections that usually serve to add variety in the form of so many modern works. Both harmonic and melodic contrasts are used as a steady path that tries not to disturb the melodic ideas built on stacked 4ths and 5ths. The subtle harmonic development has a dissonant aspect to the structure yet always allows repetition to dominate the design of each movement. "Static" moments serve as lengthy pillars of sound that develop the musical ideas woven into the fabric of all three movements of this work.

Timothy Brown, composer


(1st movement) ~ "Allegro Maestoso"

(2nd movement) ~ "Larghetto"

(3rd movement) ~ "Allegro Fuocoso"

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